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Sculpture "Petersburg Angel"

Address and phone: Embankment of the Fontanka River, 114; Izmailovsky Garden

The sculpture "St. Petersburg Angel" in Izmaylovsky Garden was created by the winner of the Symposium of City Sculpture architect Roman Shustrov. In this case, it is completely devoid of pathos.
A touching figure is not like the familiar images of angels. This is a cute elderly old man in a worn coat, scarf and hat. He sits on a white bench near the Youth Theater building and seems to be waiting for visitors. In his left hand he holds an open umbrella, and in the right hand he holds a book. Not only the wings behind him, but the old man's expression also speaks of his kindness, sincerity and intelligence. As the author himself admitted, he wanted to convey the image of a St. Petersburg survivor of the war, a blockade, Stalinist repression, but not embittered and did not lose interest in people and optimism. Previously, such old men could often be found in the picturesque surrounding courtyards. According to one of the city legends, if you leave a coin on the lap of an angel, then he will fulfill the desire you have expressed.

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