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Tower Of Griffons

Address and phone: 7th line of Vasilievsky Island, 16

The tower of griffons in St. Petersburg is called the remnant of the brick pipe of the boiler house in the courtyard of one of the oldest pharmacies in the city. It is located on the 7th line of the Vasilievsky Island in the courtyard of the house No. 16. In the second half of the XIX century the building belonged to the pharmacist Wilhelm Pele - a man with a mystical halo. His frequent guest was the creator of the periodic system of elements Dmitry Mendeleev. Forming an atmosphere of mystery and mystery contributed to the unusual architecture of the pipe, reminiscent of the castle tower, as well as its location, as if hidden from human eyes. According to one legend, in the tower there was a laboratory where Pel received gold from mercury, and also derived a formula for happiness. It is said that it was guarded by griffins that wore a nest on the tower. The legend says that the neighbors of the pharmacist suddenly became successful and rich, thanks to the action of the formula of happiness. It is said that griffins are now invisible and afraid of sunlight, but fly at night over the city, guarding the mystery. Many people believe that every visitor to the court, where the formula for happiness has opened, will have the strongest desire, and fate will radically change for the better. The height of the Gryphon Tower is 11 meters, the diameter is 2 meters. It is recognized as a monument of cultural heritage of the regional level.

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