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Yard With Interactive Globe On Nevsky Pr., 14

Address and phone: Nevsky Pr., 14

The yard with an interactive globe, called the "Blockade Globe", and unofficially - "Remember!", Is on Nevsky Prospect. It borders on the house 14 and school №210. There is another remarkable thing here: a blockade sign with the inscription "Citizens! With shelling this side of the street is most dangerous "(there are now only 4 in the city and 2 in Kronstadt).
The globe is not just an architectural decoration and an original monument. This is a call for peace on Earth, a reminder of the terrible months of the blockade of Leningrad. Accompanying the monument, standing on a stone pedestal, a tablet with poems of Yu. Voronov, a resident of the besieged city: 

"So that again

On the terrestrial planet

It did not happen again that winter,

We need,To our children

It was remembered,Like us!"
Inside the "Blockade Globe" there are loudspeakers through which broadcasts are broadcast on especially significant occasions.

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