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The Palace Of The Embassy

Address and phone: on the left bank of the Neva from the Kutuzov Embankment to the Admiralteiskaya Embankment

The Palace Embankment in St. Petersburg. The very first city embankment, which was subjected to massive building and decoration, as early as 1705 it was built the house of F. M. Apraksin, who set the line for the construction of all subsequent buildings. Its length along the banks of the Neva is 1,300 m.

A walk along Dvortsovaya embankment will be interesting to any tourist who is interested in the architecture of the XVIII century, besides, there are many famous Petersburg sights nearby: the Winter Palace, the Marble Palace, the Novo-Mikhailovsky Palace, the Palace of Vladimir Alexandrovich (the House of Scientists), the Big, Small and The New Hermitage, the Hermitage Theater, the Winter Palace reserve house, the Winter Palace garden, the Summer Garden, the houses of Betsky, Saltykov, Zherebtsova. The Palace Embankment borders on the Palace Square, Suvorov Square, the Kutuzov Embankment and the Admiralteiskaya Embankment.

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