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The Palace Square in St. Petersburg is a place loved by guests and residents of the city, the heart of the Northern capital. It is one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles in the world. The best Russian architects worked on his creation. Its name was given by the name of the Winter Palace, designed by the architect F.B. Rastrelli in the middle of the 18th century.
In 1819, on the instructions of the emperor, architect KI Rossi developed a project of a single architectural ensemble, glorifying the victory of Russian arms in the war of 1812. The architect's intention was to unite the existing original interiors and new buildings into a single whole. On the southern border of the square was built a semi-circular long facade of the General Staff building, whose length is 580 m (the longest facade of the building in the world). In the middle of the building is a grand Arch with images of glorying geniuses of Glory, and the Chariot of Glory decorated with sculptural composition with figures of warriors and the chariot of the winged goddess of the Victory is Nicky. (sculptors N. Pimenov and V. Demut-Malinovsky). The height of the sculptural group is 10 meters, the height of the arch is 28 meters, the width is 17 meters.

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