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Mosaic Yard On The Str. Tchaikovscogo 2

A simple courtyard house 2 on the street. Tchaikovsky not so long ago turned into a work of contemporary art. Restored the space beyond recognition V. Lubenko (teacher, artist, philosopher, psychologist) and his students. Everything in this yard is decorated with a mosaic of colored glass - resting places, walls, sculptures, which also appeared on the original decorator's idea, playground. On sunny days it is especially beautiful here - the yard shines, shimmers, sparkles. Here constantly come photographers, tourists. Many newlyweds organize a beautiful photo session in the Mosaic courtyard, which is much more attractive than the "standard" pictures on the arrow of Vasilievsky Island.
Here you can spend several hours walking, enjoying the beauty, making beautiful photos for memory. Truly this place is created for those who appreciate contemporary art in its best manifestations.

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