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The Palace Bridge

Address and phone: between Dvortsovaya and Universitetskaya embankments near the Winter Palace

The palace bridge is a symbol of the white nights. At his breeding tourists come from all over the world. This majestic design is 260 meters long and 27.8 meters wide. The bridge connects the city center with the arrow of Vasilievsky Island. In tsarist times he was considered to be the main one in the city.
The structure includes five spans, the central one is a drawbar. Each uphill lift weighs 700 tons. During the holidays, the raised wings act as screens for the projectors that show the cinema. The most profitable foreshortenings of the diluted bridge with illumination: opposite the Hermitage, when the Kunstkamera is seen through the spans, and also from the Admiralty. The Palace Bridge is bred once a day: from 1:05 to 4:55. Time is spelled out in the rules for passes of ships. Dilution can be noted if the air temperature is above 25ºC or the wind speed is more than 15 m / sec.

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