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Ekaterininsky Skver

Address and phone: Sq. Ostrovsky

Otherwise, as the "Minerva on the throne", Russian called Sumarokov Catherine the Great. The same comparison comes to mind when you get to Catherine Square on the former Alexandrinsky Square. The bronze figure, frozen in a powerful and ceremonial pose, holds a scepter and a laurel wreath - symbols of power and glory. A cute and troublesome legend is also associated with Catherine Square. It is believed that under the foundation of this monument is a treasure trove. Allegedly at the opening of the monument, the strength of the artistic influence of the monument was such that one of the ladies in a state of emotional shock and affect, threw a diamond ring from her hand directly into the foundation pit. Her exalted example, however, was followed by a mass of noble Petersburgers, and in this connection she even had to wait until the end of the works, until all the comrades left the jewels. According to rumors, all the treasures from the "grateful descendants" and to this day lie, if not at the feet of the Great Catherine, then, anyway, under the foot of her monument.

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