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Eliseevsky Shop

Address and phone: intersection of Nevsky Prospekt, 56, Malaya Sadovaya, 8, +7 (812) 456 66 66

Schedule: daily from 10:00 to 23:00

In the center of St. Petersburg, on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Malaya Sadovaya Street, is the famous oldest Russian deli - the Yeliseyevs 'merchants' shop. Here are fish and meat delicacies, fine spirits, aromatic spices, natural oils and sauces, French desserts from the pastry chef, handmade chocolate and fresh pastries from your own bakery. 

Eliseevsky shop has always been famous for its wide assortment of white and oster fish, different kinds of caviar. Today, the fish department includes sturgeon, tuna, salmon, trout, bester, omul, eel, scallops, seasonal smelt, rare species of fish. Lovers of seafood will appreciate fresh oysters and mussels. Dishes cooked by the chef according to the recipes of the merchants Eliseevs will be an ornament of any table. Caviar in the Yeliseyev Merchant Shop is of very high quality - it is here that gourmets buy red and black caviar. Black sturgeon caviar of the brand "Merchants Eliseev" is delivered directly from Astrakhan. In addition, you have a rare roe of rainbow trout: amber and gold, as well as beluga and delicacy caviar.

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