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Sculpture "St. Petersburg Photograph" On The Str. Small Garden, 3

Sculpture "Petersburg photographer" B. Petrova and L. Domracheva appeared on Malaya Sadova on January 25, 2001. According to the authors, this is a generalized image of St. Petersburg photographers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The location of the monument is historic. It is installed opposite the museum. Karla Bulla - a great national photographer-documentary and portraitist. Photo studio in the house number 54 on Nevsky Prospekt Karl Karlovich acquired in 1908, and today there are exhibitions, as well as a photography salon of the fund named after the great master. The bronze sculpture of a photographer 2.5 meters high is not alone - under the stand is an English bulldog, greeting passers-by.
Petersburgers believe that the monument brings good luck. You will immediately see how his right hand shines, because very many make a picture of happiness on arm with the photographer. And, of course, do not forget to stroke the bulldog to accurately draw luck to your side. If you touch the little finger to the little finger of the sculpture, you can improve your financial situation.

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