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Summer Garden

Address and phone: Kutuzov Embankment, 2

Schedule: daily from 10.00 to 20.00, closed on Tuesday

City Day On May 27, 2012, after the reconstruction, the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg was opened. The work lasted about three years and the restorers did everything possible to make the visitors see the Summer Garden as it was in the 18th century. Having visited this green island in the very center of the Northern capital, we will be transported to the past era and we will be able to better understand the beautiful city sung by the poets on the Neva. Among the new objects in the Summer Garden is the Archaeological Museum, which features interesting items found by archaeologists during the restoration of the park. Updated Menagerizionny pond, there was a gazebo, a small greenhouse with a pharmacy garden and the bird. Those who wish can make an excursion around the park, and on Sundays the exhibitions and the performance of the brass band are organized.
Looking at the wonderful garden decoration, Coffee and Tea houses, Magnificent lattice and the Palace of Peter the Great, the monument to Krylov and white marble sculptures, a porphyry vase and fountains, the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg can be called an art museum.

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