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33-35 Ligovsky pr.,
St. Petersburg, Russia
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Trade And Exhibition Center "LOFT PROJECT ETAGHI"

Address and phone: Ligovsky prospect, 74, +7 (812) 458-50-05

Schedule: Mon-Sun: 09.00-23.00

Loft project "Floors" is a multifunctional art space organized in the building of the former bread-baking plant as a design of the Archipenko brothers architectural bureau. For more than 10 years, the creative cluster has become a fashionable St. Petersburg trendetter and a platform for start-ups.
In the 5-floor exhibition center of 3,000 square meters there are 2 galleries of contemporary art, 4 exhibitions, the Green Room coffee shop, the open roof and hostel, as well as the editorial offices and workshops of artists, photographers and sculptors from around the world. Here you can not only look at creative art objects, but also buy what you like. Lectures, discussions and presentations on art and design, master classes, acute concerts, film screenings and theatrical productions are held.
Here you can eat deliciously, ride a large hanging swing, participate in a charity event, a festival of tattoos and a culinary feast. You can also take a picture of the view on Ligovsky Avenue, which opens from the roof.

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