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Marsovo Field

Address and phone: between the quay of the Lebyazhy groove and the embankment of the Moika River, not far from the Summer Garden

The Field of Mars is a place for rest and leisurely walks in the city center. On the Moika River, water excursions are sent from the marinas along the field.
Under Peter I the field was called Poteshny, here the troops were examined. Mass walks were held on the territory, fisticuffs were fought, animals were hunted, fireworks or "amusing lights" were launched. In 1917 the Field of Mars turns into a cemetery, on it are buried Petrograd, who died in the February revolution. Gravestones from red granite are set over graves. It was here that the first ever Eternal Flame was lit.
In the siege years, the Field of Mars rescued the inhabitants of the besieged city from starvation. On its territory there were vegetable gardens for growing vegetables.

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