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Cat Museum

The cat museum, the first and only in Russia, is located in Vsevolozhsk. It was established in 2008 and has become an incredibly extensive collection of everything that is connected with beloved by many domestic pets. Here you can see the oak with the Scientist Cat, the revived history of cats from the era of ancient Egypt, various household items and art related to these animals. Of course, here live real cats, friendly and very affectionate. The museum constantly hosts tours, exhibitions are held. In 2011, in the center of St. Petersburg, near the metro station "Sadovaya", a branch of this museum was opened - "The Republic of Cats". The atmosphere here is completely different - home, unofficial. The entrance is for a one-time visa. Visitors can relax in a cafe, socialize with cats, which can be fed, cuddled. Both the main museum and its representative office are open for children and adults on weekends and weekdays.

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