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Museum-Apartment Of The Samoilov Actors Family

Address and phone: Stremyannaya Str. 8, 8 (812) 764-11-30

Schedule: Mon-Tues: closed, Wed: 13-21, Thu-Sun: 11-19

Restorers, builders, scientists worked on a unique exposition. The result of the painstaking work was a unique and very atmospheric museum.
Since 2001, you can see the exposition devoted to the Russian ballet. In two rooms are collected the attributes of the family history. There is a luxurious portrait room. The museum has many children, because it is included in the interactive program for small children. Children from 5 years of age participate in game routes, which include other museums, perform quests, solve puzzles. Adult visitors celebrate a special aura of the past, a lot of interesting exhibits: theater costumes, household items, paintings, very rare posters and photographs. There is even a real make-up room. In addition, the Samoylov family memorial museum regularly hosts thematic exhibitions.
The museum offers excursions dedicated to the Samoilov dynasty, to the theatrical Petersburg of different times, etc. You can rent a cinema hall and lecture room.earl of the museum is a concert hall with amazing acoustics. Previously, there were exquisite musical evenings, which were visited by famous people. Now in the hall are held theatrical, literary meetings and concerts of classical music.

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