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The Monument To The Lamplighter On The Street. Odessa, 1

A monument to the lantern - or to a resting man, or to the dejected boredom - is set on Odessa street, where for the first time in the world an electric street lamp was switched on. This happened on September 11, 1873. The lighting device was installed by A. Lodygin - the inventor of the incandescent lamp, whose workshop was located on this street. The era of electricity marked the end of the era of gas and oil lamps. And at the same time they abolished the post of the lantern-a man who lit lanterns in the evenings and extinguished them in the morning. In memory of the laborers who gave light to the great city on the Neva, in 1998 they installed a sculpture designed by O. Pankratova and B. Sergeeva. Looking at her, as if you were in the distant past, when the wheels of the carriages were knocking on the pavements, and Petersburg was buried in the soft, warm light of the lamps, which were ignited by hand. Some of them, by the way, were designed with the participation of BF Rastrelli, O. Montferrand and other famous architects. Admiring the monument, you can look in a small museum of street lamps, located nearby.

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