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The Monument To The Cats On Malaya Sadovaya St.

"Cat Elisha and Cat Vasilisa" - a monument beloved by St. Petersburg. First (25.01.2000) on the corner of the house number 8 on Malaya Sadovaya on the cornice appeared a black bronze cat Elisha, covering her eyes looking at the world from the second floor. And opposite to him "flirted" a flirtatious girlfriend - a golden cat Vasilisa, whose figure was set April 1 in the same year.

The history of the monument is connected with the blockade, during which Leningrad was dying of hunger. However, trouble does not come alone, and soon the hordes of rats attacked the city. They fed on the bodies of the deceased, attacked the weakened, destroyed scarce supplies, carried diseases. After the breakthrough of the blockade, a "Meowing Division" arrived in the city to fight the disaster - 4 carriages of Yaroslavl cats, which were immediately sold, despite the high price. When the blockade was lifted, another 5,000 cats arrived, this time from Siberia. They were settled in museums and palaces.

Fluffy brethren saved Leningrad and its treasures, for which cats have always earned respect and love.
They say that the monument brings good luck. You just need to throw the coin so that it is kept on the ledge next to Elisha or Vasilisa.

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