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Address and phone: Peterhof, st. Divorce, 2, 8 (812) 450-5287

Schedule: from 9.00 to 19.00

Peterhof was founded at the very beginning of the XVIII century by Emperor Peter I and became one of the most luxurious summer royal residences and a symbol of Russia's conquest of the access to the Baltic Sea. Annually, GMZ "Peterhof" is visited by four and a half million people. It includes the sights of the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland.
Four Peterhoff cascades: 

1. The Great CascadeDescends from the Great Peterhof Palace to the Lower Park, the continuation of the cascade - a ladle with a fountain "Samson" (the symbol of Peterhof) and the Sea Canal.
2. "Chess Mountain"It is also called the Dragon Mountain. At the top are sculptures of dragons guarding the grotto. It is part of the ensemble of Monplaisir.
3. The Golden MountainThe golden steps and marble statues of the ancient gods of this cascade lead to the Marley Palace and the fish pond where mirror carps were bred earlier.
4. The Lion cascadeThe recently restored cascade near the Hermitage Palace is the only one, at the base of which there is no natural relief. It is a marble colonnade, water from the vases that crown it.

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