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Pushkin Square

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The cozy Pushkin Square is located on the street of the same name, making up one whole with it. It was founded in the XIX century so that the inhabitants of the city could relax in a picturesque green corner. The main attraction of the square is the monument to Pushkin, which was opened in 1884. At the same time roses, honeysuckle bushes, birches were planted here, and 15 years later the park was completed with beautiful electric lights. The last restoration measures were carried out in 1950 simultaneously with the repair of Nevsky Prospect. Since then, the square has not changed. It has preserved its historical appearance, a special atmosphere of tranquility in the heart of the Northern capital. Although one change was still inevitable - planted by the gardener Vize in the XIX century. trees have now grown, making this shady oasis even more peaceful.

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