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The Monument To The Bunny From The Peter And Paul Fortress

A hare sculpture, 58 cm high, is set to the left of the Ioann Bridge. Its authors are the sculptor V. Petrovichev and the architect S. Petchenko. The opening of the miniature monument was held on the anniversary of the Northern Capital - May 17, 2003. It serves as a reminder of the floods of the city on the Neva.
They say that one day during a flood, one hare escaped from certain death and jumped out of the water directly onto the boot of Peter the Great when he left the boat. Therefore, the island was named "Hare". It was with him later the construction of St. Petersburg began.
Sculpture is not valuable in itself, because in the composition of the alloy there are no expensive metals. However, she twice fell into the hands of thieves. Therefore, now it is carefully fixed so that residents and guests of the city can admire it at any time and without annoying "intermission".

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