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Rotonda On The Pine Street

Rotunda, built in the XVIII century, is the most enigmatic and even frightening architectural monument of St. Petersburg. An inconspicuous sort of house in the usual style for the Northern capital is interesting from the inside. Along its walls there are curved staircases, everything is covered with graffiti, drawings.
From the end of the 20th century, informal youth gather here, Victor Tsoi and Konstantin Kinchev also visited the Rotunda. Already, that there were such cult personages, it attracts tourists. However, no less interesting are the legends of the Rotunda. It is rumored that one day a young guy came down into the basement and stayed there for about 15 minutes. However, he returned to the aged and said that he spent time in a parallel world. Now the curious warn against visiting the basement, predicting madness. They say that at midnight you can see the devil here, because in St. Petersburg there are five other similar buildings that are equidistant from each other and, if you draw lines between them, a pentagram is formed. There is also quite a "good" legend: if you write on the wall a wish, it will come true.
Log in recently made paid. This is due to the excessive number of visitors, frequent satanic rites and simply noisy youth, which prevents people living nearby. The proceeds are sent for the restoration of the Rotunda.

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