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The Garden Of Saint-Germen

Address and phone: Foundry, 46

The garden of Saint-Germain is a cozy green corner that has existed since 1905. Here, in the middle of a noisy metropolis, you can safely rest from bustle and strangers.
The name of the creator of the garden is for certain unknown. According to one version, this is A. H. Pel, on the other - State Councilor von Cruz. Today it is a real oasis in the middle of Liteiny Prospekt. From people it is hidden by three houses and an ornate lattice, which stylistically resembles the fence of the Summer Garden. Houses around the garden were rebuilt many times, and he himself changed. So, after the reconstruction of 1912, a fountain appeared.  
Changed and the name - the garden was called Belvedere, Palais Royal.
Once upon a time in the Manor of Rain in the center of the garden stood Akhmatova, sang Chaliapin. Slightly closer to the present, in the 70s of the 20th century, such representatives of the informal creative elite like Joseph Brodsky, the group "Aquarium", Sergei Dovlatov, Konstantin Kinchev, Viktor Tsoy, liked to rest from the noise.
If you look at the decor, then right at the entrance you will see reliefs in the Renaissance style (Bartolo Coloni, Minerva in the helmet, Giuliano Medici), Latin letters, masks of satire.
This place is most appreciated for peace and quiet, a special atmosphere and an opportunity to visit places where the idols were so fond of gathering.

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