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The Observation Deck At The Hotel «AZIMUT»

Address and phone: Lermontovsky Ave, 43/1, 18th Floor, Azimut Sky Bar and Launge

Schedule: from 18-00 to 24-00

The Azimut Hotel in St. Petersburg is located in one of the tallest buildings in the center of the Northern Capital. Cafe Azimut Sky bar is located on the 18th floor of the hotel and is an excellent viewing platform.
From here, from the height of the bird's flight, you can see many historical monuments of the city - the golden domes of St. Isaac's and St. Nicholas's cathedrals, the Trinity Cathedral of the Admiralty Shipyards, as well as old profitable houses and mansions. In the Soviet era, the hotel was called "Soviet", but in the people was nicknamed "anti-Soviet", since the upper floors looked Admiralty shipyards, where submarines were built.
Azimut Sky bar is a lounge bar, that is a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in this cafe, there is no loud music here and you can meet with friends, talk, order drinks or have a snack. In the cafe Azimut reigns semi-darkness, guests are located at low glass tables on soft sofas and wicker chairs with cushions, they are offered pasta and salads, desserts and soups.

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