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Art Basement of Stray Dog

The art cafe "The Cellar of the Stray Dog", a cultural monument of the Silver Age and a landmark of our city, was opened on the eve of the new 1912 year. Never before has literary, theatrical, musical and artistic worlds, as well as Russian and European cultures, been so closely interwoven. 

Bar Kwakinn

A chain of restaurants KwakInn Club brings together Belgian beer cafe KwakInn and euroliner "Wings", rightfully became the ambassadors of beer and culinary traditions of Europe in St. Petersburg. 
From this establishment on Bolshoy prospect, Vo, 37 takes the report in 2009 history of Belgian beer on Vasilevsky . It is here that the diversity of the brewing tradition of one of the richest countries in this respect was manifested.

Bar "Copen"

The first place among the establishments on Konyushennaya Square, where they do not smoke and treat lambrosko. To visitors who do not know Danish, do not break the language about the difficult pronunciation of the capital of Denmark (København), the institution is simply called "Copen".

DJ Mishka Bar

Next to the" Pies " on the fountain there is a bar Mishka. The name of the bar suggested the popular YouTube video of talking husky Mishka I love you. The DJ bar was opened by Alexander Berkovsky and St. Petersburg musician Kirill Ivanov together with friends. Mishka promises to be a democratic bar with sets on weekends.

Hookah Bar Carpet

Hookah Kover (Cover) is located in the new art space Third Cluster Basarygina from Alexander and Sergei Larionov on the 8-th Sovetskaya street., 4. Art space occupies the whole house and the yard adjacent to it, there will soon be created a large-scale party hookah and creative direction..

Cafe Zoom

Popular cafe with intelligent interior and a large menu. There is always that crowded, and even turn off the street. Cozy and light, despite the fact that the place is in the basement. Decorated in a homelike style, the living room features books and plush animals on the shelves. The menu offers many vegetarian dishes and always affordable prices.

Cafe "Shop and cafe"

Opposite the garden of the fountain house is an interesting place - " Cafe Studio Artemiy Lebedev." Bohemian cafe with a design bias. The interior is made in deliberately careless style, with entertaining details like the old fridge at the entrance and bedding on the window sills. The menu includes Olivier with beef tongue, pasta and lasagna, sandwiches, chicken Kiev and varenyky, fresh pastries, a large selection of coffee drinks. In the shop at the cafe sells goods design Studio Lebedev.

Cafe-Laundry Wash 40 Degrees

Cafe / Laundry "wash 40°" -artistic corner of St. Petersburg. Laundry regulars-musicians, poets, artists, students, as well as grandparents living in the neighborhood, will gladly plunge you into the atmosphere of St. Petersburg life.

Cafe "Apron"

A small cafe-bar with home cooking "Apron" opened in Tolstoy house on the street Rubinshteyna. Home cooking: the owners claim that any dish from the menu could be cooked at home by those who love and know how to do it. Recipes are not too complicated, but not without fiction. In the salad of baked beetroot - pieces of pumpkin and turnip with arugula, tomatoes with mozzarella served with artichokes, and potato and mushroom cream soup is decorated as a cappuccino. Portions smaller than home, but the prices are quite reasonable.

Cafe-Bar "Products"

Cafe-bar "Produkty" is an original and classic cocktails, which are prepared for you singing bartenders, delicious sandwiches, aromatic coffee, music from the best DJs and more. The restaurant is located in the center of the Northern capital, near Manezh square, on the Bank of the Fontanka river.

The Game Cafeteria "V-Meste"

The pride of the place-a machine from the 70's " Sniper 2 "and a lot of games for the"Dandy". In three halls of cafeteria completely recreated the Soviet apartment with subjects from different decades. Everything is so naturalistic that visitors and then exclaim: "I had such a thing at home!"But no pennants and Lenin's busts: from the Soviet past is taken the best-childhood memories.

Club Griboedov

Club and restaurant complex with history. Under one roof is the actual club "Griboedov", founded already in 1996, the restaurant "Griboedov Hill" and the summer "Amsterdam bar". The restaurant boasts several terraces and homemade pasta. On both floors of the restaurant almost every day there are various events: DJs spin in the club, exhibitions and jazz jams are organized in the restaurant.

Club "Books And Coffee"

Art club "Books and Coffee" is a new generation club, which differs from other similar institutions in several conceptual solutions.
First," Books and Coffee " successfully combines exhibition and sale of books, cafes and a cultural center. Thus, conditions are created for the most comfortable and, most importantly, versatile cultural recreation.

Club "Cap"

Underground music club in the center of St. Petersburg, official opening-October 7, 2006 (group Tequilajazzz). Concert venue with all necessary equipment for live performances. The interior of the club is not finished and will change long enough.

Club-Bar "Bermudy"

All fans of Fidel, Cottages and Belgrade will love it-there is more space, air and not so smoked, but the atmosphere tends to absolute. The room is not very large, non-dancing people are placed around the bar, the benefit is it there long. There are a couple of tables and sofas. Prices in the bar are not high, so it has a lot of students and young people. Truth, eat there almost nothing to acquire. For those who do not want to drink or dance - there is table football, which is already where not worth it, but still near it is always someone.

Club-Museum Of Boiler Kamchatka

The legendary Kamchatka, the place of pilgrimage of cinephiles is a boiler room on 15 Blokhina street, in which Viktor Tsoi, zaderiy, Bashlachev, Mashnin, etc.worked. for a long time instead of a boiler there is a small stage, and showcases with 12 - string guitar Tsoi, a typewriter, Cinema group diplomas and other things are built into the walls.

The Cafe "Green Room"

When Loft project FLOORS is located Coffee shop Green room. Russian borscht, Greek salad, Uzbek manti and other wonders of international cuisine. Large wooden tables that have the same for lunch and to communicate. Interesting exhibitions are also held here.

Cafe "More Coffee"

Family coffee shop near the "Gorkovskaya" with changing several times a week varieties of coffee, utensils, brought from travel, and rare coffee machine.
In the grotto of Alexander Park near the metro station "Gorkovskaya" opened a coffee shop, where only friends and family, serves unusual varieties of coffee and use a manual machine for brewing. A place called "Bolshakova!"opened two couples United by interest and love for this drink.

Coffee Shop-Bar Brooklyn Local

On Griboyedov canal, 27 opened a coffee shop Brooklyn Local, which serves bagels," according to a real new York recipe, " according to the owners, and poured a good coffee. The basis for the institution taken American "bagel Stora", where you can quickly eat and take coffee with you. Coffee is poured into white paper cups.

Coffee Shop The Cookie Shop

"The Cookie Shop" is a coffee and pastry shop, which was opened in April 2011. It serves American and European desserts: cookies, muffins, macaroons and much more. Special attention is paid to the quality of baking, so use only the best products and bake in small batches throughout the day to ensure that the pastries are always fresh.

Literary Cafe

In the heart of the city on the corner of Nevsky prospect and Moika river embankment is a "Literary cafe", which preserves the traditions of St. Petersburg of the past. At the beginning of the XIX century this place was famous patisserie S. wolf and T. Beranger, where he met famous writers, poets, journalists, where he visited Alexander Pushkin and where he went to fatal duel on the Black river.

Pub Telegraph

The Telegraph has been successfully operating since 2004 and is tailored according to classical ideas about the structure of the English pub: on the one hand, it is extremely simple and laconic, on the other — stuffed with various things, be it a racket from Wimbledon, an old typewriter or a bunch of retroplakats.

The Pub Oliver Twist

"Oliver Twist" is a typical pub for England and not typical for St. Petersburg.  Here you will not see the usual pub paraphernalia, in the form of a large number of flags and stickers. Oliver Twist, this is a high-end establishment.

Resto-Bar Blue Pushkin

Popular restobar, one of the co – owners of which-Sergey Shnurov. The interior is simple and bright, the walls are decorated with photos of famous musicians. The bar list is extensive, the menu is more modest: snacks, burgers, sandwiches, salads. The bar hosts regular concerts and parties.

Restaurant "Makaronniki"

"MAKARONNIKI" is a restaurant under the dome. It consists of a glass hemisphere, which works in the winter, and a huge terrace that can accommodate about 300 people. It turns out that in winter-a small institution with an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Restaurant Terrassa

Terrassa restaurant is located on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in the city center. The restaurant offers a magical view of Nevsky Prospekt and Kazan Cathedral.

Restaurant Las Torres

Restaurant "Las Torres" is a real Spanish tavern. On the walls - bright posters bullfighting and traditional Spanish costumes, as the background-the sounds of Spanish guitar. In the evenings you can listen to the guitar live, and on Fridays and Saturdays professional dancers perform flamenco and Argentine tango.

Restaurant "Heat"

Fireplace, blankets, endless sofas, Wi-Fi, chess, backgammon, books mixed with antique toys, porcelain cups and photos within. From late spring to early autumn tables are in a closed yard, there — a children's house, a sandbox and scooters.

Restaurant-Bar-Club Soholounge

One of the institutions of Global Point Family ("22.13", Barbaresco," Happiness") is a two — storey restaurant and bar Soholounge. This is the fourth restaurant of the holding in St. Petersburg and the third in the stables area.

Restaurant-Pub Dickens

The institution of the eponymous network with a large assortment of English beer. Decorated in a charming Chippendale style. Every morning you can enjoy a traditional English Breakfast, and in the evening watch the match for a Cup of good lager.

Bar Blizzard

Bar "Blizzard" - a unique institution where every night is a fun celebration of the new year. Parties are conducted by professional presenters who organize the contests, entertainment, amuse and amuse the audience. Delicious snacks, a variety of drinks and even festive props in the form of funny masks, Bunny ears, etc.

Restaurant Palkin

Restaurant "Palkin" is designed for those who are accustomed to luxury in the smallest detail. The building in which it is located, Chekhov and Dostoyevsky remembers, and a luxurious Banquet hall for 200 people will allow to hold a celebration of any scale.

Tea And Coffee House "Rubai"

In the tea and coffee house "Rubai" seek peace and quiet, which is not enough in the bustling center of the Northern capital. Interior is made in Oriental style, there are dark and light halls, chill-outs. In "Rubai" you can meet famous people – actors, musicians, DJs come here. The highlight of the tea and coffee house – unique author's dishes from Kasun Amanda Ganegoda-chef from Sri Lanka, one of the best in the city. Some of its treats are designed to meet the tastes of regular visitors.

Gastrobar Magritte

Gastrobar Magritte on the street Bell – atmospheric restaurant with European, mainly Belgian, designer kitchen. His chef – Vladimir Gasilov put on by the cult St. Petersburg restaurants Biblioteka on Nevsky and "the Cherry orchard". Conceptual and affordable interior design bar by Anna Belyaeva assembled in the theme of works by Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte.

Bar «Coyote Ugly»

In 1997, the American magazine GQ published an enthusiastic article about Lillian level, who replaced the profession of Manhattan broker in the career of a dancer at the bar. In one night she earned his weekly salary at the office. She quickly accumulated initial capital and opened her own bar. So in 1993, the first institution of the network Coyote Ugly, or "Ugly coyote"appeared in new York.


Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) in Kazan – a nightclub for the sophisticated audience. You will find a powerful electronic sound and crazy club drive. In the institution-3 multi-format hall. On the ground floor there is a dance area with a 12-meter screen and 3 contact bar counters. On the second – a covered terrace with panoramic Windows and access to the street, as well as a karaoke room. On the third floor there is a VIP area.

Night Club MOD

One of the most iconic places of nightlife in St. Petersburg – club MOD. Here are the famous artists, visiting musicians, staged avant-garde theaters, exhibitions.

Anticafe "12 rooms"

The new format of rest offers antikafe "12 rooms". Visitors pay for the time spent in the institution. When you reach a certain amount, the meter freezes, for the whole day you will not spend more than the selected rate. Games, concerts and events can be organised on the territory of the cafe. 

Restaurant "Sails on the roof"

Culinary and aesthetic pleasure gives guests the restaurant "Sails on the roof". The restaurant is located at an altitude of 35 meters on the highest building of the Petrograd side. The large windows open a panoramic view of 360 degrees. View of the iconic sights of St. Petersburg from a great height is fascinating.

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