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Anticafe "12 rooms"

Address and phone: Bolshaya Morskaya street, 19, 2nd floor, +7 (812) 923-70-96

Schedule: 10:00-06:00 daily

The new format of rest offers antikafe "12 rooms". Visitors pay for the time spent in the institution. When you reach a certain amount, the meter freezes, for the whole day you will not spend more than the selected rate. Games, concerts and events can be organised on the territory of the cafe. Here you can study, socialize, relax and work in a relaxed atmosphere with a Cup of tea.You can visit the tea ceremony, which is organized by a master who knows all the details of the process. Visitors are invited to take a book from the library, play table football. There is free Wi-Fi and ampleopportunities for recreation.

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