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Art Basement of Stray Dog

Address and phone: 8 (812) 312-80-47

Schedule: 11:30 - 23:30, Friday - closed

The art cafe "The Cellar of the Stray Dog", a cultural monument of the Silver Age and a landmark of our city, was opened on the eve of the new 1912 year. Never before has literary, theatrical, musical and artistic worlds, as well as Russian and European cultures, been so closely interwoven. With the "Stray Dog" associated creative and personal biographies of A. Akhmatova, O. Mandelstam, N. Gumilev, I. Severyanin, N. Teffi, V. Mayakovsky, V. Meierhold and many others. The main inspirer and the first director of the "Stray Dog" was B. Pronin. Now the "Cellar of the Stray Dog" is an unusually Petersburg, cozy art cafe in the heart of the city, where four art rooms, a cabaret, a cafe and a bar are located in four rooms. In the "Stray Dog" art exhibitions-sales, "poetic environments", musical evenings, various concert programs are arranged.
The purpose of the "Stray Dog" is to "unite all the muse", to give an opportunity to show itself in a new way to both great masters and talents just entering the world of art.

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