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Bar "Copen"

Address and phone: Konjushennaya square, 2, 8 (904) 555 4542

Schedule: Mon-Fri: from 18:00 until the last guest, Sat, Sun: from 18.00 until the morning

The first place among the establishments on Konyushennaya Square, where they do not smoke and treat lambrosko. To visitors who do not know Danish, do not break the language about the difficult pronunciation of the capital of Denmark (København), the institution is simply called "Copen".
The eight-meter arches of sand color, the windowsills on which you can sit, and the dishes from the Danish flea markets are not at all combined with the dark, dilapidated yard. The institution can be found only on handwritten signposts. The menu is all vegetarian. A sandwich with rocket salad, tomatoes and mozzarella is a hit of sales. Every week there is a party associated with food: falafel, vegetarian hot dogs and stuff. Very soon in the constant menu there will be Belgian waffles, and by spring in a small room near the kitchen opens, where the vegetable pizza and falafel will be prepared. In the alcoholic menu the main rate for wine and beer: Belgian cherry and eight varieties of wine at more than affordable prices. At Christmas they promise to cook homemade tangerine tincture.
On weekdays, the bar is open every day from 18:00 and until the last visitor, and on weekends it works until the morning. Very soon it will be possible to come here in the daytime, there will be Wi-Fi in the room. And in the spring - to come by bicycle and put it in the parking lot at the entrance: it's still Copenhagen.

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