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Cafe "Shop and cafe"

Address and phone: Zhukovsky street, 2, 8 (812) 702 88 58 — phone shops, 8 (812) 273 75 23-cafe

Schedule: daily from 9:00 to 23:00

Opposite the garden of the fountain house is an interesting place - " Cafe Studio Artemiy Lebedev." Bohemian cafe with a design bias. The interior is made in deliberately careless style, with entertaining details like the old fridge at the entrance and bedding on the window sills. The menu includes Olivier with beef tongue, pasta and lasagna, sandwiches, chicken Kiev and varenyky, fresh pastries, a large selection of coffee drinks. In the shop at the cafe sells goods design Studio Lebedev.
To get here is quite simple, you can go to the metro station "Mayakovskaya" and walk along the Foundry Avenue to the intersection with the street Zhukovsky, and here just be the right building for you. Here you can taste delicious dishes of European cuisine. The restaurant menu offers a variety of items, such as salads, pastas, hot dishes, snacks and Breakfast dishes. The café bar menu also offers a variety of dry red wines, dry white wines, sparkling wines, port wines, liqueurs, whiskeys, rum, gin, cognac, brandy, coffee and alcohol, mulled wine and hot cocktails.

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