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Cafe-Laundry Wash 40 Degrees

Address and phone: street Kazan, d. 26, ground floor, +7 (812) 314 71 53

Schedule: Sun-Thu 11 : 00-00:00

Cafe / Laundry "wash 40°" -artistic corner of St. Petersburg. Laundry regulars-musicians, poets, artists, students, as well as grandparents living in the neighborhood, will gladly plunge you into the atmosphere of St. Petersburg life.
It should be noted that their cars were washing dirty clothes Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation), the Rolling Stones and Franz Ferdinand during their gastala to Peterburge
The Laundry regularly hosts parties, concerts, poetry evenings and exhibitions. Free Wi-Fi is available for all guests from 10 to 16 hours. Guests who come to wash are offered coffee or tea as a gift.

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