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Hookah Bar Carpet

Address and phone: 8th Sovetskaya street, 4, +7 (953) 363 71 71

Schedule: mon-Fri from 18:00 to 24: 00. sat, sun from 18:00 to 6:00

Hookah Kover (Cover) is located in the new art space Third Cluster Basarygina from Alexander and Sergei Larionov on the 8-th Sovetskaya street., 4. Art space occupies the whole house and the yard adjacent to it, there will soon be created a large-scale party hookah and creative direction.
Here hookahs from Ivan Batanov (otivana) from aviation aluminum are used. Hookahs are all made in red, which complements the same color in the interior. We did the usual hookah tobacco Al Fakher in a big bowl Upgrade Form. The taste was good, hookah smoked for about 40 minutes and then became less bright and saturated, which is expected. The price of the hookah above average, 790 rubles.  In the presence of Starbuzz and Al Fakher, Nakhla tobacco here, unfortunately, do not recognize.
The restaurant has a good start, it is already pleasant to be here. Excellent variety of music contributes to the pastime in the Carpet. For game lovers there is also an X-Box.

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