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Club-Bar "Bermudy"

Address and phone: Bank lane, 6, 8 (812) 312 91 26

Schedule: mon-Thu from 18:00 to 1.00, Fri-sat from 18:00 to 6: 00, sun from 18: 00 to 1.00

All fans of Fidel, Cottages and Belgrade will love it-there is more space, air and not so smoked, but the atmosphere tends to absolute. The room is not very large, non-dancing people are placed around the bar, the benefit is it there long. There are a couple of tables and sofas. Prices in the bar are not high, so it has a lot of students and young people. Truth, eat there almost nothing to acquire. For those who do not want to drink or dance - there is table football, which is already where not worth it, but still near it is always someone.
Every evening from 6 PM to 6 am Bermuda welcomes you with a unique atmosphere of small European bars. In the evening, when the DJ has not yet started to work, you can just look there, hide in the pleasant twilight of the bar, on a cozy couch or sit at the bar on stage, drink coffee and watch a silent movie. 
After 10 PM everything changes: loud music, lots of cheerful people, alcohol and dancing, dancing. Bermuda will share with each huge positive charge, and if you like fun, frenzy, trash and cool parties, then you're right here. A variety of cocktails, which are often discounted, will also surprise you, especially for students who have an ISIC card.

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