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Club Griboedov

Address and phone: Voronezhskaya st, 2A, 8 (812) 764 4355

Schedule: Mon-Fri from 12.00 to 6.00, Sat-sun from 14.00 to 6.00

Club and restaurant complex with history. Under one roof is the actual club "Griboedov", founded already in 1996, the restaurant "Griboedov Hill" and the summer "Amsterdam bar". The restaurant boasts several terraces and homemade pasta. On both floors of the restaurant almost every day there are various events: DJs spin in the club, exhibitions and jazz jams are organized in the restaurant.
The club is divided into several areas: Cafe-bar "Griboyedov hill" with a stage and a fireplace. Here you will find a living room with breathing books, Board games, soft sofas for sincere conversations, a spacious dance floor and a welcoming bar with a nice price tag. The main advantage of the site-you can always eat and even at night. On weekdays you can come to all events for free!The cordiality of our staff is always enough for everyone, and reasonable prices are calming. An ideal place for a friendly meeting or a noisy birthday party.
Under the ground – in the historic bunker is "GriboedovClub", where it all began 19 years ago. To visit the bomb shelter, you can come to any concert or disco.

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