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Club "Books And Coffee"

Address and phone: Gagarinskaya street, 20, + 7 (812) 386-65-30

Schedule: ежедневно: 10:00–22:00

Art club "Books and Coffee" is a new generation club, which differs from other similar institutions in several conceptual solutions.
First," Books and Coffee " successfully combines exhibition and sale of books, cafes and a cultural center. Thus, conditions are created for the most comfortable and, most importantly, versatile cultural recreation.
Secondly, "Books and Coffee" is the only club in the city where the idea of a "healthy" club, or, if you want, an "environmentally friendly" club, is realized. In the "Books and Coffee" do not sell alcohol and Smoking is prohibited in the halls. There is a special place for smokers at the entrance. As a result, tobacco smoke does not irritate non-smokers, and the club has something to breathe.
Thirdly, the cafe of the club is a territory of silence. You will never hear loud distracting music, noise and other things that are typical for most cafes and restaurants in St. Petersburg. This is the place where you can be alone with yourself, read an interesting book with a Cup of delicious and inexpensive coffee, sit with a laptop on the Internet (the cafe has free wi-Fi), conduct business negotiations, prepare for the exam and much more.

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