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Coffee Shop The Cookie Shop

Address and phone: Kirochnaya street, 12, 8 (812) 914 91 40

Schedule: mon-Fri 9.00-22.00, sat-sun 10.00-22.00

"The Cookie Shop" is a coffee and pastry shop, which was opened in April 2011. It serves American and European desserts: cookies, muffins, macaroons and much more. Special attention is paid to the quality of baking, so use only the best products and bake in small batches throughout the day to ensure that the pastries are always fresh.
After tasting desserts once and feeling the rich taste, you will definitely become a regular guest of the cafe. You can also order cookies or cupcakes, exclusively decorated with figures or inscriptions. In addition to desserts, it serves aromatic coffee, coffee drinks and teas. Cozy atmosphere, nice interior and friendly staff are waiting for you in the "the Cookie Shop".

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