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Pub Telegraph

Address and phone: St. Rubinstein, D. 3, 8 (812) 327 74 79

Schedule: пн-чт 12:00-1:00, пт-сб 12:00-6:00, вс 12:00-1:00

The Telegraph has been successfully operating since 2004 and is tailored according to classical ideas about the structure of the English pub: on the one hand, it is extremely simple and laconic, on the other — stuffed with various things, be it a racket from Wimbledon, an old typewriter or a bunch of retroplakats.
As expected, pour English Eli and stouts, but there are a little Belgium, Germany and Scotland, plus about forty kinds of whiskey. The kitchen boldly goes beyond the borders of Albion And presents everything that is more or less combined with the title drink: steaks, burgers, Solyanka, dumplings, roast beef and Oxford sausages. As usually happens at deserved pubs, around The Telegraph the devoted audience so for the time of sports broadcasts or in the evening in the weekend it is better to book tables in advance was formed.

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