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Restaurant Las Torres

Address and phone: Nevsky prospect, 53, 8 (812) 713 14 53

Schedule: from 12: 00 to the last guest

Restaurant "Las Torres" is a real Spanish tavern. On the walls - bright posters bullfighting and traditional Spanish costumes, as the background-the sounds of Spanish guitar. In the evenings you can listen to the guitar live, and on Fridays and Saturdays professional dancers perform flamenco and Argentine tango.
The proximity of the sea in no less affects the Spanish cuisine. The restaurant menu offers a variety of seafood dishes, such as soup "Atlantic", which is made from salmon, sea bass, shrimp and mussels. A variety of cheeses – goat, sheep, Dor blue, Camembert are offered as snacks…
To hearty meat dishes or snacks you need good wines – and Spain is famous for wines all over the world. In "Las Torres" - a huge collection of Spanish wines, port wines and sherries, as well as delicious homemade wine. From this variety is easy to get lost, but do not worry: in "Las Torres" you will be helped to choose the variety that you like it, and prompt the right combinations of drinks and dishes.In short, if you are bored with the cloudy St. Petersburg weather-take a look at the "Las Torres" and spend the evening in Sunny Spain!

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