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Restaurant "Makaronniki"

Address and phone: Dobrolyubov Avenue, 16, 8 (812) 677 60 88

Schedule: daily from 12:00 to 00:00

"MAKARONNIKI" is a restaurant under the dome. It consists of a glass hemisphere, which works in the winter, and a huge terrace that can accommodate about 300 people. It turns out that in winter-a small institution with an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Regular guests of the restaurant like to visit here in the cold season. But with the onset of heat, "macaroni" turn into a summer Playground with hammocks in the open air, where citizens and tourists spend their time with pleasure.
In the menu there are usual positions like Caesar and pizza "Margarita", also there is a large section of pastes, but the pride of the institution are desserts — for several years unchanged hits are ganache cauliflower and cheesecake Gorgonzola. Many people specifically travel to "MAKARONNIKI" to try these amazing dishes. Every two weeks the menu is updated: new seasonal positions are introduced, unpopular ones go away, dishes from the chef appear.
On weekdays there are business Lunches-in the daytime the restaurant offers a 15% discount on all menus. In the evenings, "macaroni" is a family restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. Here you should go to taste the author's Italian cuisine, drink a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the Northern city.

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