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Alexandrinsky Theatre

Address and phone: Ostrovskogo square, 6, 8 (812) 710-41-03

Schedule: mon-Fri: from 9.00 to 18.00, sat-sun-weekend

Alexandrinsky state academic drama theatre named after him. A. S. Pushkin is located on Ostrovsky square and is familiar to all tourists as a theater "with horses on the facade." It is a true decoration of Catherine square.
Specialization of this theater-works of Russian classics. Typical repertoire - "Uncle Vanya"," Auditor "and"Seagull". As in the case of the Mariinsky theatre, such productions bring melancholy to the average tourist and are intended for those who are really interested, for example, in Russian literature.
Unlike Mariinsky, Alexandrinsky underwent reconstruction in 2006, during which the interiors of the tsarist times were restored and now amazes the audience with luxury and beauty of decoration.

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