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Buddhist temple

Address and phone: Primorsky prospect, 91, 8 (812) 430-97-40

Schedule: mon-Tue, Thu-sun: from 10.00 to 19.00, Wednesday-day off

In St. Petersburg there is an unusual construction for our places – the building of the Buddhist temple "Datsan Gunzechoyney". "Gunzechoyney" in Tibetan means " the Source of the Holy Teachings of the Suffering Lord-Hermit."
In 1898, the Petersburg was visited by a messenger of the XIII Dalai Lama, the Buryat Lama Agvan Dorjiev, Lobsang the. On his initiative, a petition was filed for the construction of a small Buddhist prayer. But the construction began only in 1909 under the project of architects N. Berezovsky.M. Baranovskiy G. V. and R. A. Berzina Many difficulties and obstacles had to be overcome during the construction of the datsan.
As a result, the Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg was lit only in 1915. By the end of 1916, as a result of constant hostilities at that time, Buddhists had left the city. During the Soviet period difficult times were for the temple "Datsan Gunzechoyney". Only in the period 1920 – 1933 Buddhist Church held religious services. At a later time in a "Datsan Gunzechoyney" in St. Petersburg hosted a military radio station, and laboratories of the Zoological Institute.And only in 1990. Buddhist temple "Datsan Gunzechoyney" again became active for religious purposes.

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