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Isaakievskiy Cathedral

Address and phone: St. Isaac's square, 4, 8 (812) 315-97-32

Schedule: 10:30 to 18: 00 Wednesday-closed

Built by the architect Auguste Montferrand, St. Isaac's Cathedral – an outstanding monument of late Russian classicism of the mid-nineteenth century.
Remarkable interior of the Cathedral, which presents all kinds of monumental and decorative art-painting, sculpture, mosaic, colored facing stone. The main iconostasis of the Cathedral is decorated with malachite and lazurite columns, the main altar is unconventional for decoration of the Orthodox Church stained glass "Resurrected Christ". 
St. Isaac's Cathedral is a place where all the roads of St. Petersburg lead. The doors of this unique monument, which United under one roof the Museum and the Church, are always open to visitors. As a Museum of peace, it welcomes guests of all nationalities and religions to its vaults. For visitors with disabilities there is a special Elevator, with which you can get to the colonnade, located at an altitude of 40 meters, which made this Museum a popular tourist destination.

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