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Bronze Horseman

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Copper horseman in St. Petersburg-the most famous monument to Peter I. it is located in an open square on Senate square and is a unique work of Russian and world culture. The bronze horseman is surrounded by famous sights: from the West there are buildings of the Senate and the Synod, from the East – Admiralty, from the South – St. Isaac's Cathedral.
The initiative to create a monument to Peter I belongs to Catherine II. It was on her orders that Prince Alexander Golitsyn addressed professors of the Paris Academy of painting and sculpture Diderot and Voltaire, whose opinion Catherine II fully trusted. Famous masters recommended for this work Etienne-Maurice Falcone, who at that time worked as the chief sculptor at the porcelain factory.  "There is an abyss of delicate taste, intelligence and delicacy, and yet he is not weighed down, is severe, does not believe in anything. .. Greed does not know," wrote Diderot about Falcone.
Etienne-Maurice Falcone always dreamed of monumental art and received an offer to create a horse statue of colossal size, without hesitation agreed. September 6, 1766, he signed a contract in which the remuneration was determined in the amount of 200 thousand livres, which was quite a modest amount – other masters asked for much more.

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