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The Mikhailovsky Castle

Address and phone: Sadovaya street, 2, 8 (812) 595-42-48

Schedule: mon, Wed, Fri-sun: 10.00-18.00, Thu: 13.00-21.00, Tue - closed

The ensemble of the Mikhailovsky castle with two pavilions guardhouse. 1797-1801, architects V. Brenna and V. Bazhenov. The only Palace in Russia in the style of romantic classicism. It was built as the ceremonial residence of the Emperor Paul I. the name was Given in honor of the Archangel Michael - the patron Saint of the Romanov House. After the murder, which occurred here on the night of 11 to 12 March 1801, the castle lost its value the front of the residence transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Imperial court, and gradually came to desolation. Since 1823, it housed the Nikolaev Engineering College, which gave the castle a new name - Engineering.
Currently in the restored halls of the castle opened permanent exhibition- "Ancient subjects in Russian art", "the Renaissance in the works of Russian artists", "the history of the castle and its inhabitants"and" open sculpture Fund". By the 300th anniversary of the city, fragments of the Voskresensky canal and the three-Span bridge, part of the fortifications surrounding the castle, preserved underground, were reconstructed and opened.
In the modern information zone on the screens of five touch computers in interactive mode, visitors can take a computer tour of the halls of the Russian Museum and get complete information about the history of the palaces belonging to the Museum complex, its collections and temporary exhibitions. Here are shown computer films "Architectural portrait of Emperor Paul I" and a film about restoration and restoration of the architectural appearance of the Mikhailovsky (Engineering) castle

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