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The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Address and phone: Konyushennaya square 2, lit. B, +7 (812) 740-02-40

Schedule: daily from 11.00 to 20.00

The Museum of Soviet slot machines is comparable to a time machine. Its unique collection consists of 50 operating devices, released in the 70-80-ies of XX century military factories of the USSR.
You will be able to play 15 of them – will fight in the "sea battle", drive on the "Highway", hit the target, becoming a "Sniper", knock out the figures in the "Towns". This need only be omitted in a machine of the Soviet 15-kopeck coin. 3 pennies you will be able to quench the thirst of sweet drinks, to remember or discover the taste of a milkshake with a straw for 11 cents, and also to call from a pay phone just for "kopeck piece". For advanced users there is an analog photo-cabin 1973 release.
The guide will tell you about the tricks of Soviet children who managed to outwit the innovative devices of the "defense" to once again play for free your favorite game. You will learn how much weighed turnip from the Russian folk tale, how to play hockey, if there is no puck, get acquainted with other interesting moments and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era of pioneers.
It regularly hosts "Disco 80", the festival "Retro FM", exhibition of inserts from gum and various other conceptual activities. The Museum is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, in the building of the Court-stables office of the XVIII century, where in Soviet times housed the garage. The Museum accepts applications for children's matinees and parties for adults. The ticket costs 350-450 rubles.

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