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Museum of Artillery

Address and phone: Park Alexander, 7, 8 (812) 232-02-96

Schedule: mon, Tue-weekend, Wed-sun: from 11.00 to 18.00

The beginning of the collection began in 1703 with the founding of the Northern capital. In the bastions of the Peter and Paul fortress began to collect interesting and rare weapons, which marked the beginning of the collection. At that time the collection was called the Arsenal. The date of Foundation of the Museum is 1756. Since 1868, it is located in the building of the former Arsenal, where it is now. It was called until 1965 Artillery historical Museum.
Currently, Visavis is one of the largest military-historical museums in the world, with extensive collections of artillery weapons and ammunition, small arms and bladed weapon, military engineering equipment, means of military communication, battle banners, military uniforms, battle paintings and drawings, awards and signs, as well as archival documents testifying to the history of the artillery of the Russian army, the military exploits of the defenders of the Fatherland.
The Museum's collections are divided into two departments: Russian and foreign. 1st hugs him the history of Russian weapons and artillery, from the end of XIV century to modern designs, inclusive. 2nd, the foreign Department consists mainly of the spoils of war, mainly of the eighteenth century. Moreover, the Museum preserves various historical objects and nothing more, since, among other things, the uniforms and arms of Peter I, Peter III, Catherine II, Alexander I, Nicholas I; the saddle of Ivan the terrible, the worker stabs of Peter the Great; the uniform and underwear of Frederick the Great; posthumous cast from the face of Suvorov; uniform generators. Miloradovich, in which he was killed December 14, 1825; stool and cane stenki Razin, etc.

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