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Smolny Cathedral

Address and phone: Rastrelli square, 1, 8 (812) 710-31-59

Schedule: daily, 10: 00-19: 00, cash is open until 18:00

Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg is located on the left Bank of the Neva river, near Smolny yard, in the place where the resin was cooked for the manufacture of ships. The temple is part of the architectural ensemble of Smolny monastery. Built in Baroque style. The architecture of the ensemble organically combines elements of old Russian architecture and European architecture.
After the revolution in 1922 iconostases, crystal balustrade, preaching Department of the Church were looted. The monastery premises were used as a warehouse. The iconostasis of the Church was dismantled only in 1972. In 1990 opened the concert-exhibition complex, which is located in the here and now.
The majestic Smolny Cathedral of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli began to build in the reign of Empress Elizabeth, and it was completed VP Stasov under Emperor Nicholas I. This temple is considered to be the pearl of the Baroque of St. Petersburg. By Royal decree it became known as the Cathedral of all educational institutions. It was during the beginning of its construction by the decree of Empress Elizabeth in the Northern capital was restored five – domed-the traditional end of the Orthodox Church. In its picturesque, expressive composition, exterior Smolny Cathedral-one of the peaks of world architecture.

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