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Walking In The White Nights

Address and phone: Suvorovskaya square, Trinity bridge

Schedule: from 11 June to 2 July. (peak-June 22)

St. Petersburg has symbols. A ship of the Admiralty, the outline of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, Rostral columns on the spit of Vasilievsky island, the bronze horseman. Lenin at the Finland station, Smolny. And in this list, you can add another unique symbol that we – the inhabitants of this amazing city, sometimes for everyday bustle cease to notice, cease to feel all its beauty and wonder!
White night. The sky above the horizon as if not extinguished, changing from the bright sun to the dusk pastels. On the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg reigns smoke morning sfumato. The combination of special lighting conditions with the architecture of the city gives rise to a unique spectacle. The phenomenon of white nights is inextricably linked with St. Petersburg. And all this beauty is complemented by a unique and original "phenomenon" - the divorce of bridges.
Now in St. Petersburg, two dozen bridges. First, the ships going upstream. In the middle of the night part of bridges reduce and plant a second time for the vessels going from below. Cable-stayed bridge does not need wiring, because the height of its span thirty meters.

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