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Pyshechnaya On B. Konyushennaya

Address and phone: St. Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 25, +7 (812) 314-0868

Schedule: 9:00 - 20:00

Petersburg is an amazing city: among the glossy facades and expensive boutiques there are original "Islands of Leningrad". Go to a place like this-and here you are without any time machine has made a journey back in USSR. One of the most famous "Leningrad" institutions of St. Petersburg – magnificent on the Big stable. 
You do not have to spend time searching: at the entrance to the magnificent grandmother sits-"promoter" and calls visitors: "Donuts, donuts, hot donuts!"Drum, however, there is no particular need: there is almost always a queue, especially on weekends (but don't worry they move fast). Inside-touching Soviet retro, and not a new model-stylization: fifty years ago everything was exactly the same – and "standing" tables, and two halls with one cash Desk in each, and extremely laconic menu (only dumplings with powdered sugar, tea, coffee with milk and lemonade). The taste of the donuts haven't changed in fifty years – here carefully observe Soviet technologies and even cook crumpets on the machine of those times, so they are just as tasty as before, Golden, with a delicate crust. And prices and all touches: in a St. Petersburg fast food so cheap to eat impossible.

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