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Rent Bike "Spartania"

Address and phone: Bucharest street, 122, +7 (812) 947 80 71

Schedule: Daily 11 - 21

If you plan to go around all the parks and attractions of St. Petersburg, you can safely rent a bike here for a few days. If you pay the rental time for three days-You get the whole day to rent a bike!

Spartania offers only new bikes, including mountain, folding and road adult bikes, both for men and for girls.

The cost of renting bicycles:

1 hour 150 RUB.
3 hours 300 RUB.
Day (с 11:00 до 20:00) 450 RUB.
1 Day 600 RUB.
2 days was 1000 RUB.
3 days (+1 day as a gift) 1400 RUB.

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