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Puppet Theatre «KarlssonHaus»

Address and phone: Fontanka river Embankment, 50, + 7 (812) 764-31-90

Small private puppet theater " Karlsson Haus "often gets" Golden masks "and"Golden Sofit". Two scenes from a chamber auditoriums are located in the picturesque courtyards on the Fontanka and street of Lomonosov.
On the roof of one of the houses, next to a cozy wing with atmospheric curtains and a lantern, you will find a house "men in the Prime of life." The informal atmosphere of "KarlssonHaus"is imbued with the spirit of this cheerful, cheerful hero with his attitude to trouble as trifles.
The repertoire includes interactive performances for children 0+, as well as for adults – "Moomin Troll and wizard's hat", "adventures of Mr. Scrooge", "Silver hoof", "Cinderella", "Odysseus", "Wanted Hamlet" and many others. Viewers become participants in the theatre performances. Here you can also celebrate an unforgettable birthday.

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