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Theatre "Music-Hall»

Address and phone: Alexander Park, 4, + 7 (812) 232-92-01

St. Petersburg" Music hall " is the only acting theatre in Russia, working in the genre of Revue and musical. Farce, slapstick, circus acts and comic couplets formed in the self-direction of art – musical, 18th-century England, and in the 19th it conquered Europe and Russia.
In the early twentieth century, the theater was the largest in the world. Here sang Chaliapin, and then Magomayev, performed the great clown Polunin. Exclusive show of the St. Petersburg "Music hall" wrote the music of Shostakovich and Dunayevsky. The troupe of the theater successfully toured in France at the opening of the silver season of the Paris concert hall "Olympic", and in total performed in 40 cities of the world.
Today here put "Interview with the Vampire", "the Leader of the Redskins","Masters and margaritas", "Bremen musicians", " Love. net "is an extraordinary reading of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Here come with tours "Lenkom" and stars Russian pop stars. In the concert program of the theatrical orchestra-Tchaikovsky and Mastrangelo, and in the Opera poster – "don Juan", "Love drink", "Turandot" and many other world masterpieces.

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